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Did you enjoy Glogster? You will love Canvastera!
Dive into the world of creativity and design your own multimedia posters: Use any media that sparks your imagination - whether it's images, videos, embeds, or even a blend of all!

It is entirely free to use until BETA is closed. Even then, we will provide an unprecedented free model with Timed-posters.

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How to use Canvastera

We believe in simplicity and here are our selected features

Drag & drop media from any opened web browser!

Search connected media sources directly from poster editor or drag & drop media to poster canvas from other opened web browsers or even your desktop.
Pure WOW. Promise! 🤞

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Discover exceptional 3D interactive models and embedding.

We couldn't stop just with images and videos, so you can add from 1,5M+ of interactive 3D models or embed Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Maps, Presentations and more... 🧸

Robot 3D

Why keep your crafted magic just for you?

Easily share or Embed any poster you like with a permanent safe unique link for anybody to use. You can edit the same poster anytime later to stream live-like content. 🚀

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Explore a poster creation environment and boost your creativity.

Our free to play model is simple. You can use our editor without any limit, but your created content will be editable and viewable for 1 week. If you go with any plan within a month of the date you created it, it will be unlocked. We believe a week is enough to cover most needs to save your day!

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Start your own engaging creation community & stay connected.

We love to provide Communities the tools for a group posters by subject, project, classrooms, idea pools and whatever you will use them for. You can create or join any Community easily with other Canvastera users, yay! 👌

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If a SINGLE account is not enough we provide a GROUP PLAN.

You can manage and assign members and mentors to your groups without any limit. Members that are out of your plan will be able to create posters but their will be locked after a week. Mentors can manage groups and posters privacy.
Check FAQ for more 💪

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Plans that match your needs

Paid plans start in September; till then, contact us for better custom pricing, and a pre-paid plan - PAY NOW to save your next year!

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Start your journey for free today, with the option to upgrade at any time.

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  • Each poster lock after 1 week (Not in beta)
  • Each poster will be deleted after 2 months (Not in beta)
  • Unlimited group & community management
  • Unlimited poster editor

SingleFor you

(excl. tax)

For personal use for any purpose, with the option to upgrade at any time.

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  • All Posters recovered & remains unlocked under plan
  • Unlimited group & community management
  • Private posters

GroupFor teams

(excl. tax)

Begin fostering creativity within your team while maintaining control.

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  • 20 seats (including mentors)
  • Add multiple seats anytime on request
  • Invite new or existing users
  • Manage your users private posters
  • Private posters

Blend All Media

Express your ideas with ease by combining any images, graphics, audio, video, embeds, voice, linked content, 3D objects, wallpapers, text and beyond on one Digital Multimedia Poster.

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Our mission

To make it super-duper easy for everyone to craft and share ideas with anyone through our multimedia poster!
Let's re-mix the internet, your way, with creative vibes!🌈

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